EL DORADO HILLS (CBS13) — Blaine Erickson and Joe Shabel live in two different communities and drive two different trucks. But, both of them woke up to similar situations involving their vehicles in Rancho Cordova and El Dorado Hills.

“My truck is literally up on jacks or on cement blocks,” Shabel, who lives in El Dorado Hills, said.

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Both truck owners said their wheels were stolen in the middle of the night as their vehicles were parked in their apartment complexes.

“I saw it sitting on blocks. Tires, rims, everything gone,” Erickson, who lives in Rancho Cordova said.

Erickson said his truck was targeted on Wednesday night and Shabel said his was stripped Friday night. Both told CBS13 they thought it was a joke by someone they knew.

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Shabel said his fiancé had seen social media posts regarding Erickson’s truck and another truck in Folsom on blocks that were similar to the ones underneath his vehicle.

“It’s a pity,” Shabel said. “It sucks.”

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Erickson said he was able to replace the wheels after taking a couple of days off work and spending thousands of dollars. He said that wasn’t the only thing that he feels was taken.

“To have it taken from me for someone to get a couple of bucks out of it, it’s a huge violation of my privacy at my home in a gated community,” Erickson said.

Both men told CBS13 they had filed police reports regarding the stolen wheels, which they both said had wheel locks on at the time the thefts occurred.

Despite the similarities, authorities said they can’t say if the situations that happened in Rancho Cordova, El Dorado Hills and Folsom are connected at this time.

The two truck owners hope law enforcement can track down whoever stole their wheels. They also have a message for whoever did.

“These guys, or whoever it is stealing…it’s off of people that work really hard to earn the nice things that we have and we want,” Shabel said. “And I just want whoever did this to learn, you know? You need to learn a lesson.”

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“Don’t be a thief,” Erickson said. “Go work for your money.”