By Marc Woodfork


I think I’m the only critic in the nation that did not like this film. “Uncut Gems” stars Adam Sandler as a jewelry merchant with a gambling problem. My issues with the film started early and continued throughout. From the opening scene, I was annoyed – mainly due to the loud overbearing, distracting music track that continued on for far too long. Maybe that was by design, but annoying nonetheless. Secondly, every character in the opening scenes was literally yelling at each other. A complete mess of bad music and shouting.

I had high expectations for this film. I was really excited to see it. When Adam Sandler wants to act and leaves the silliness aside, he’s really good. His character in this film comes across a diamond that will clear his debt and end all of his worries. As with many gamblers, chasing the “big” score is the rush. While there are moments of brilliance in Adam’s performance, it’s few and far between. His character spends most of the film yelling and screaming at people.

Although I will give credit to the supporting cast, especially Judd Hirsch and Eric Bogosian. Smaller roles but they made a bigger impact than Sandler’s character. I just feel the filmmakers could have a better job of conveying the chaos of his gambling life with the chaos of his family life without the overly obvious not-so-subtle film tricks. This is an adult film with adult themes. We get it.

  1. Typical Sacramento critic with no taste. I was just googling showtimes for Sacramento and came across this. Of course you’re the only critic in the whole nation who doesn’t like this film. You write for CBS Sacramento. This is a sad excuse for a critique. The soundtrack is by Daniel Lopatin. He’s a genius. You don’t explain or back up any of your opinions in this article. “This is an adult film with adult themes. We get it.” This is a bad review with a bad writer. We get it. “When Adam Sandler wants to act”, He’s always acting in his movies. That’s the definition of acting. Your writing is awful.

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