by Rick Boone

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — DC Democratic lawmakers are getting support from some Sacramento-area Republicans who are calling for President Trump to leave office immediately.

“I have to speak up because he has become a threat to our democracy, our constitution, and our republic,” says Mike Madrid, a California GOP Political Consultant. “Donald Trump not only obstructed the law but he was involved in bribery.”

Madrid is part of a growing group of Republican political consultants who are on a mission to unseat the president and are willing to take on members of their own party to do it. He says he knows he has an uphill battle, especially when some Sacramento Republicans say they aren’t buying his argument.

At the Sacramento County Republican Party meetings, there’s no shortage of Trump fever.


“I knew he was going to be a little unorthodox, but that’s what it took to make some changes,” Republican Eric Ragard said.

To them, the word “impeachment” is just a hurdle in the presidency that they say continues to be unstoppable.

“It’s not going to hurt President Trump”, says Deborah Johns, a Sacramento Republican.

Local Republicans are defiant in swatting down any belief Trump could lose a Senate trial or face a mass exodus of GOP voting support. GOP members insist their party won’t be shopping for a new candidate come 2020.

“He has put up with an amazing amount of abuse, and he keeps at it,” Betsy Mahan said.

Still, on the other side of the GOP spectrum, the anti-Trump movement is still alive in California. Madrid believes all his group needs to do is shave 5% of the vote from Trump’s support, and the president could lose his re-election next November.

Madrid’s group has gotten the attention and support of Trump critic George Conway, the husband of Kelly Ann Conway, who works for President Trump.

  1. Betsy Mahan says:

    Madrid is hardly a major player in the Republican Party – only the media cares what he says because he hates the President.

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