By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento police say a man and a security guard were hit by shrapnel from an officer’s single gunshot near the Safeway on 19th Street Wednesday night.

The officer fired that shot at an aggressive dog outside the store.

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The incident began when an officer was contacted by a security guard about a man reportedly being disruptive at the busy midtown retail center. When the officer contacted the man, police say an aggressive dog bit him on the arm.

At that time, additional police units responded to the scene to help. One of the responding officers fired a single round at the dog. Police say shrapnel from the round hit the suspect and the security guard. Both sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to a hospital.

The dog, a pit bull, was not injured, police say.

The officer also sustained minor injuries, but he was not taken to a hospital.

The dog ran into the nearby Safeway after the shooting, leaving blood pawprints in the aisles.

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Jandy Jorgenson says the dog ran up to her.

“A dog came running down the aisle and she was tracking some blood,” Jorgenson said. “We had heard no commotion from outside and so we were trying to find out where this dog came from.”

She describes the animal as a midsized mix breed that was behaving in a nervous manner, but not aggressively.

“About 10 to 15 other people came and surrounded her to make sure she was okay and safe,” Jorgenson said.

The Safeway and surrounding stores remained open during the commotion.

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Police have not released the names of the two people who were hurt in this shooting.