PERRIS (CBS13) –  Investigators say about 30 llamas are missing after they were stolen from an exotic farm.

On Monday, someone cut the lock and let the animals out at the farm in the Riverside County town of Perris. About 30 of the llamas were taken away, while others were left wandering near a busy road.

Officials later managed to corral the loose llamas.

Some employees now believe animal rights activists could be the culprits.

  1. Nina Pedersen says:

    The property owner, slaughters all his llamas for his Exotic Meat Market. The purpose of 355 +animals on his 14 acres in Perris is to raise and slaughter these animals. Please investigate the slaughtering of these peaceful domestic (not exotic) llamas. They are living on a crowded, filthy, dirt lot with no shelter in extreme summer heat.

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