By Steve Large

MODESTO (CBS13) — A couple who owns a Modesto business is being cited by the city for their unique solution to the homeless crisis.

To move homeless away from the front of their building, James and Lynette Scott put up a tent for the homeless behind their building.

The Scott’s own a Modesto photography business celled ‘Inperspective Photography,’ that’s turned into a snapshot of the city’s homeless crisis.

“They sent us this violation,” Lynette Scott said.

The code enforcement citation reads the city is demanding the Scott’s remove the tent they set up because it’s in violation of the city’s camping ordinance. The Scott’s set up the tent to try to manage the homeless crisis all around their property.

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“This [homeless] group has worked with us and so we have been willing to work with them,” Scott said. “The problem is where are they going to go, anyway? Where are they gonna go?”

The city of Modesto closed its emergency tent city for 450 homeless last month. Scott says since then there’s been an increase in the homeless around her business on Santa Barbara Avenue, including an increase in the number using her tent.

At least one nearby business has called police to complain about the Scott’s tent, leading the city to issue the code violation.

“Well, it’s kind of a hopeless feeling,” Scott said.

Business owners stuck in the center of a high homeless population. Now in trouble with the city for their creative solution.

The Scott’s planner to take the tent down Friday. They have a meeting set up with Modesto police next week.

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  1. j b says:

    if you got the property we got the fine.

  2. Pamela says:

    Why does the city not enforce setting tents up along the freeway or living in bushes on the shoulders of the freeway where there is a high risk of being hit or causing an accident on the freeway. As far as I know it is against the law for pedestrians to be on freeway. But then when citizens try to find a solution in the best interest of both parties the law is enforced.

  3. Rod Cullins says:

    Homelessness is fast becoming our #1 domestic problem, yet everyone wants it to be someone else’s problem. Pretty soon, we’re all going to have to help, or the situation will just keep getting worse.

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