SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — If that gift card you were expecting never showed up in the mail, this could be why: on Tuesday, three former Sacramento airport workers pled guilty in a scheme to steal mail.

Domingo Ene, 28; Joshua Hopoi, 24; and Raymond Su, 31, were baggage and mail handlers at SMF from April to July of 2018. Prosecutors say the men stole at least 95 gift cards and $3,295 during that time, dividing the proceeds among themselves.

According to court documents, the men rifled through boxes of mail, sometimes working in pairs and arranging mail carts around themselves to conceal the theft.

Ene also pleaded guilty to stealing a pistol from someone’s checked bag.

The men each face between five and 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. All three defendants are due back in court on May 5. Ene faces further fines and possible years in prison for the stolen firearm.