By Ryan Hill

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A hefty downpour hit the valley while the foothills got fresh powder on Thursday.

CBS13 was all over the valley from Vacaville to downtown Sacramento and even in Roseville. We talked to a lot of people who say the worst part of the rain was on the roadways.

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One guy was traveling with his friends to San Francisco. He said about an hour into the drive the seemingly easy trip became very difficult.

“If you follow really closely, a lot of water is getting kicked up off of the windshield and it’s really hazy and hard to see. So I would recommend keeping my distance,” Vlad Statmyk said.

CBS13 talked with another woman from Vacaville who canceled an appointment in Suisun City because she didn’t want to drive this weather. She and her best friend said they were surprised by how much rain fell today, but they weren’t going to let it stop them from getting together for lunch.

“I didn’t think it would be this much this soon,” Brenda Packer said.

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Not everyone is letting the rain bother them. As the rain poured down in downtown Sacramento, many were prepared with umbrellas and raincoats. But we did spot one guy braving the storm, going on a run around the Capitol like it was summer.

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He wasn’t the only one enjoying the rain. Some people said they loved the fact that a lot of folks stayed inside making it easy to get around.

“It easier with an umbrella and empty! I’m not fighting through crowds, not having to dodge people. I can just hold my umbrella and not have to worry about hitting people with it,” Margaret Hamlin-Mills said.

The showers didn’t turn this day into a washout for the Bounty Hunter Cafe.

“I wasn’t really expecting the rush that we had today. A lot of the customers came in dripping wet and wanted something warm,” Alex Dillard, the café’s manager, said.

The manager said they had so many orders for chicken noodle soup that they ran out of supplies and had to run out for backup in order to cook up more for the masses.

They know not every rainy day will bring in waves of cold and hungry mouths to feed.

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“We kind of know that our expectations aren’t always going to meet our highest point. But that’s what we strive to do,” Dillard said.