By Renée Santos

YOLO COUNTY (CBS13/AP) — A relative of the man accused of murdering five of his own babies had strong words for her cousin outside of the courtroom on Tuesday.

Paul Perez, 57, is charged with five counts of premeditated, first-degree murder and with five enhancements of lying in wait, and torture, according to Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig. Perez pleaded not guilty to the charges on Tuesday.

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“And I think that if he did do it, he needs to burn,” Perez’s cousin said.

The relative says what her cousin is accused of doing is horrifying.

“Sickening, sickening this is horrible,” she said.

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The Yolo County District Attorney says Perez did the unthinkable not once, but five times, taking the lives of five of his babies.

“Sounds like he is a devil in disguise, what can I say,” the relative said.

Detectives believe the gruesome crimes started in 1992. One of the babies was discovered by a fisherman in 2007 when the infant’s body was found in a sealed container in a Woodland creek.

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It’s a shock to the relative who says Perez is a father to other children that are alive.

“I don’t want to see anybody walking around out here. I wouldn’t want to see anybody’s child have to go through something like that, it sounds horrendous to me,” the relative said.

Investigators have not revealed who the mother of the babies is, or if they had different mothers.

“The obvious question that I have, that I expect everyone would have, is where is the mom in this? What was her role? Why is my client here? Perhaps the evidence points more to her than him? I just don’t know that,” said the Yolo County Public Defender, Tracie Olson.

Perez did not talk at the hearing in Yolo County Court other than to enter his pleas.

District Attorney Jeff Reisig said Perez is eligible for the death penalty but he has not decided whether to pursue it.

The charges involve Nikko, who was born in 1996 and four others: Kato Allen Perez, born in 1992, Mika Alena Perez, born in 1995, another Nikko Lee Perez, born in 1997, and Kato Krow Perez, born in 2001. Three of the bodies have not been recovered.

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Perez is being held without bail. A preliminary hearing was set for Feb. 10.