By Renée Santos

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A little girl had an unforgettable trip to the grocery store after finding a special note along with some big bucks in the cereal aisle.

Daphne Kenny found $100 on a West Sacramento Raley’s shelf and treated herself to two new cats at Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Six-year-old Daphne Kenny found a piece of paper hiding on a shelf at a West Sacramento Raley’s. Her mom thought it was someone’s grocery list, but quickly realized it was a hundred dollar bill with a special message.

“It says ‘whoever finds this, I love you’ and it has $100 on it,” Daphne’s mom said.

Her big sister Fiona could not believe it.

“So she shows me and I’m like, ‘My gosh!’ I literally was speechless,” Fiona said.

And so was Mom.

“A hundred dollars — that’s big,” her mom said. “I’m glad she found it though. I would have just bought groceries.”

Daphne is also happy the random act of kindness landed in her hands. After a trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop, her family now has three cats — one real and two stuffed — all named Steamy.

Now it’s a matter of thanking the person who left the cash… on purpose. They’re proving kindness warms even the smallest hearts.

“Thank you, you are a very nice person. You made her really happy she was like really ecstatic about it when she got home,” Fiona said.

“It absolutely made her day. Totally made her weekend,” her mom said.


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