FAIRFIELD (CBS13) – A notorious problem home in a Fairfield has been cleaned up after months of complaints from neighbors, police say.

The home how it looked before the clean-up. (Credit: Fairfield Police Department)

Fairfield police say they’ve been fielding reports of drug use, criminal activity, and trash building up at the 200 block of Atlantic Avenue home since June 2019. Neighbors have reported a slew of issues from disturbances, vermin to syringes being left in the street.

Inspectors have taken note of trash building up, as well as junk cars being parked both in the back and side yards of the home.

Police say they have also gotten reports of the residents using the bathroom outside.

While officers have had the home on their radar, the police department says they’ve had to give the homeowners a chance to deal with the problems.

The home after it was cleaned up. (Credit: Fairfield Police Department)

“It can be painful for us, as it is for the public, but many code enforcement actions take time and lack the immediacy of other law enforcement actions,” Fairfield police wrote in a statement.

However, an abatement was finally approved by a court and Fairfield police’s Code Enforcement Unit showed up at the home on Tuesday for a deep clean.

Police say, with the help of a local contractor, about four tons of trash was removed from the home.

Fairfield residents who want to file complaints about other possible problem homes are urged to contact Code Enforcement at (707) 428-7587.

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    “Police say they have also gotten reports of the residents using the bathroom outside” they have a bathroom outside? cool

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