By Marlee Ginter

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A grieving daughter left a Roseville hospital after her mom died to learn someone stole her car on Thursday morning.

Tina Foster just had her heart broken not once, or twice, but three times.

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Her mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer a year ago, and this week has been the hardest. Tina knew it didn’t look good, so at 2 a.m. she was still by her mom’s side at Sutter Roseville.

“She sadly passed away yesterday morning of stomach cancer, and I was at the hospital and somebody stole my car,” Tina said.

She was parked in a handicapped spot outside the Sutter Roseville emergency room when she says someone took the car.

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“I knew the minute I walked out there, my car was gone. I knew right away it was stolen,” she said. “They seen an easy opportunity.”

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It has a distinct sticker on the back, but that’s not the only thing that makes it unique. It wasn’t just any old car — that 2000 Camry belonged to her husband’s mom, who left it to them after she passed away.

“When she passed 10 or 11 years ago, the car was given to me by here. And we still have my husband’s dad’s old truck. The car just means so much to me. I’d really like to get it back,” Tina said.

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Tina filed a police report but has not heard anything yet.