by Laura Haefeli

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Kayla Bridges was home alone just a few weeks ago when she heard someone break into her apartment.

She hid in her closet and waited for the thief to leave. When she emerged, she realized part of her valuable “Magic Cards” collection was gone. She says the decks that were stolen are worth thousands.

Bridges plays “Magic Cards” professionally all around the country and is known throughout the card-playing community. Police say that’s why this crime was most likely committed by someone she knows.

The thief didn’t steal electronics or anything else of value, just the cards. Bridges says they must have known what playing cards she owned and where they were.

So far, police have not identified a suspect.

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  1. Myles Long says:

    Come on guys… what is with this terribly written article? Why are there quotes around “Magic cards”? This is a game that’s more than 25 years old and you’re writing about it like it’s a foreign language? Did no one do a Google search at any point during your reporting?

    The game is Magic, short for Magic: the Gathering. People don’t play “Magic cards”, they just play Magic. The same way they play Scrabble or baseball.

    Furthermore, you have completely missed the bigger story here. Here, a female Magic player was targeted for theft and online there is a coordinated campaign to harass and disenfranchise professional level female Magic players. Was Bridges targeted because she’s a woman? Where is the actual journalism?

  2. Bill says:

    Maybe you should have researched her and her history before putting this story out. She was the same girl that stole over 25k from her ex-boyfriends father. Check your sources CBS!!!!

    1. Michael says:

      Do you have any sources for your accusation? I wasn’t able to find anything related to your claim.

    2. Corrine Bridges says:

      That is MY daughter your publicly speaking of and you are WRONG. You have the WRONG person or you are just LYING. She did no such thing whatsoever. She is NOT that way. She would give anyone the last bite of food from her plate and the shirt off her back if you needed it. YOU need to check yourself and your accusations. Watch what you say about MY daughter. Especially publicly. Thank you.

  3. Sal says:

    sounds like bill has some degree of personal bias against this theft victim

  4. Sam spade says:

    “These ones” You can at least use proper grammer………..these ones, those ones are not proper grammer.

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