By Renee Santos

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — Sacramento County Public Health officials have announced the first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus in Sacramento County.

The confirmed case is travel-related. Officials said the individual returned from China to the United States on Feb. 2 and has since self-quarantined and taken precautionary measures upon their return home. The individual began displaying mild symptoms during the self-quarantine.

“They had no symptoms initially then developed very mild symptoms — a fever and cough,” said Sacramento County Department of Health Services Dr. Peter Beilenson.

Sacramento County Public Health said a clinical specimen was collected from the individual and sent to the CDC for testing, where the infection was confirmed. Dr. Beilenson says legally, the person in home isolation cannot leave.

“The individual will not be released from isolation until they have two consecutive negative viral tests,” he explained.

Even though health officials say the risk to the public is low, home isolation is necessary to prevent the virus from spreading.

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“Currently, the individual is asymptomatic, but will remain home for mandatory isolation until cleared by Sacramento County Public Health,” the office said in a press release. “Sacramento County Public Health’s investigation determined that currently, the public’s risk of exposure is extremely low.”

The Sacramento County Public Health Department said they have coordinated a system with healthcare providers to identify potential other cases of the virus for infection control.

Officials said they want to remind residents that all confirmed cases in the US have been travel-related and that they believe the public risk is low.

“Cases in the U.S., including this first case in Sacramento County, have primarily been travel-related. The risk of COVID-19 to the U.S. public continues to be low,” Dr. Beilenson said. “Sacramento County health providers are continuing to be vigilant, monitoring for acute respiratory illness, and gathering recent travel information to detect any new COVID-19 cases.”

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  1. Melody says:

    It takes 24 days now to show symptoms and even if they self -quarantine how many believe that person will stay home> If they are not in an isolation unit somewhere being monitored there is no way of knowing if they actually stayed home. If they just got back from abroad how much food is in their home? What if people have to bring them food then they will be in contact with this person. I think everyone confirmed or suspected of it needs to be in a medically quarantined area and monitored to make sure they are not spreading it.

  2. Julie says:

    What about all the people on the flight that were breathing the same air as her? Are they all being tested and quarantined? Nope, of course not. Can’t put the genie back in the bottle. This won’t be the only case.

  3. Jan Valentine says:

    All I can say is pray for all of us. I really don’t believe these officials about a very small threat. Look at the Dr. who first identified there may be a problem. He’s dead!!

  4. Dave says:

    Corona is coming to cure California of the homeless problem, thank god!!!!

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