By Rick Boone

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — If a new Sacramento city ordinance is approved Tuesday, homeless activists say it could open the floodgates and pour countless homeless individuals into neighborhoods.

City officials say the ordinance is all about safety, saying those that camp along the American River are causing fire danger to communities.

These fires are the result of damage city officials say is caused by the homeless. Officials say the homeless are destroying levees by digging trenches for their tents and destabilizing the structure of the river.

And while living on the water, city experts say the homeless are starting fires for warmth, but the flames have a strong chance of getting out of control and damaging nearby homes.

Right now, police say they have no defense of moving people from these river camps, until now.

City council is set to approve an ordinance Tuesday that will give officers the legal right to move the homeless out. It’s a proposed ruling some homeowners endorse but still hope the city uses compassion.

“I want them to think about their approval and make sure this action doesn’t hurt or affect the residents in a negative way,” Frank Tillie, a resident in the area, said.

Homeless activists are fighting the measure, promising that if this goes through, a surge of homeless will move into nearby neighborhoods.

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  1. Because of the city council the homeless are already in the suburbs. Talking about people like they were animals or pests that cause problems. What about the problems the city officials are causing to other local communities by not being humane and only thinking about money and using excuses of environmental issues destroying levees and fire dangers. These ideas are are from sick people. The sweep the problems under someone else’s rug political game is over.

  2. ADDICTS don’t have a home because they are mentally and physically ill. This is a public health problem that will not go away until it is correctly identified. Not having a place to live is only one of the symptoms. Calling ADDICTS “the homeless” is like calling a broken leg a bruise or trying to fix a gunshot wound with a band aid. Giving them food and blankets makes the giver feel good but does nothing to actually help the ADDICT recover. Compulsory treatment in secure facilities followed by job training is the answer. It is cruel and irresponsible to just leave them out to fend for themselves.

  3. Gina says:

    It’s amazing how fast a law or ordinance can be passed and put into place to criminalize the homeless. Yet anything regarding building housing , safe parking overnight, shelters etc. takes years to pass if it’s not shot down all together.. this makes my blood boil.

  4. I have a law to be fast-tracked- Every single person in California’s government structure, elected that is, must spend one night per month in a homeless camp until this problem goes away. Watch how fast this gets fixed.

  5. Concerned Citizen says:

    The City, or County, should invest in a lot somewhere safely on the outskirts and police should “invite” (require) all homeless to stay there. There should be a free hourly shuttle with a bike rack from downtown to it and back, with an information box and a map. Any homeless person who wishes to may register with identification to use that as an official address while they look for work, while others may stay without “formally” registering. A stipend can also be paid to a “resident” to keep it clean and oversee the area. All free. Economically and logistically feasible. Problem solved.

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