SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A California lawmaker has introduced a bill that would make department stores stop segregating their children’s products aisles by gender.

AB 2826 was introduced by Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley) last week.

The bill would fine department stores in California if they keep their sales floor separated between boys and girls items. Under the law, stores would have to keep similar products – like childcare items, clothing and toys – together in a gender-neutral undivided area.

Low’s bill argues “unjustified differences” have prompted many similar products to be marketed to either boys or girls. The bill aims to highlight the similarities and make it easier for consumers to compare products.

Only department stores with 500 or more employees would need to desegregate their aisles under the bill.

Stores that don’t follow the proposed law would face a penalty of $1,000.

If passed, the bill would go into effect on Jan. 1, 2023.

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  1. n says:

    Does California get bonuses for the hundreds of laws and bans they create every year? this is so ridiculous.

  2. foo bar says:

    This is the dumbist thing I’ve heard, gender neutrality isn’t a think. Genetics / biology is very clear.

    1. Graham Holmes says:

      What makes you think that gender neutrality has anything to do with genetics or biology? Gender is an artificial construct invented by humans to dictate a person’s behaviour, mode of dress, activities, etc. based on what’s between their legs. But why should a person’s genitals dictate what colour clothes they’re supposed to wear, or what toys they’re allowed to play with?

      What’s “plain ridiculous” is that these pointless rules ever got dreamed up in the first place.

      1. Alex Zougle says:

        Even if you are correct it does not justify the coercion of stores to organize products in any manner.

      2. MG says:

        What’s ridiculous is people trying to govern how others categorize their wares. Categorization is for the majority, not everyone. I, for one, think guns should belong in the toy section, and low-and-behold I’ve never found a real gun while shopping in the toy section.\S

        Playing to the least-common-denominator BY FORCE is a sign of ignorance of general human nature and a path to inefficiency and destruction. This is a path that the progressive left uses. That’s not to say that humans can’t adjust or that ALL people have the same behavior, but by observation, we can create environments that work best for MOST people by choice.

      3. MG says:

        …AND you will find distinct differences in people (especially between boys and girls) starting at birth. Not everyone, but the vast majority behave by nature in certain ways. So, you’re a girl that doesn’t like dresses. One of mine has a fantastic picture when she was with 14 other friends at another’s princess party. Smack dab in the middle of the 14 girls in all kinds of dresses, was my girl in a t-shirt (with 3 princesses on it) and her blue jeans. Couldn’t catch her wearing a dress when she was younger… Never had issues with her toys, colors, clothes, etc. And neither did any of her friends. Anecdotal, but observation shows this is a stupid, progressive shot at nothing because of weakness in people’s own person. Progressive acts like this are disturbing, creating “victims”, keeping “victims”, enhancing “victims”.

  3. Laura says:

    This is just plain ridiculous. What no more pink or blue.?

  4. wudndux says:

    The totalitarian mindset of the Democratic Party knows no bounds, does it? They are fundamentally and outspokenly anti-American in every way. Never found a Constitutional provision they wouldn’t re-interpret’ out of existence, a freedom they wouldn’t crush, or a decision best left to adults which they wouldn’t make for us in law.

    Micro managers, totalitarians, whatever you want to call Democrats: ultimately they despise America and every ideal which made it the country to which people around the world fled.

  5. Katherine Lamartiniere Negrotto says:

    What a mess. Clothing is sized differently for males and females. Will items have to be labeled as to gender so that correct size is purchased? Isn’t any thought given to these brilliant ideas?

  6. Christine says:

    What happened to consumer choice? Put all the colors you want, and let the consumer decide. If you make a law, you remove choice.

  7. legrose says:

    Evan Low, If you have nothing better to do, the dishwasher needs to be emptied.

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