SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Starting this weekend, Target will be limiting the number of shoppers allowed in stores due to coronavirus concerns.

Beginning on Saturday, Target says they will be actively monitoring the number of shoppers coming into their stores. If needed, workers will then start limiting how many customers come inside.

Target, like other stores during the coronavirus pandemic, has already been limiting purchases of in-demand items like toilet paper and household cleaners. Still, many shoppers report it has been hard to find those items in stock.

Other retailers have also begun to limit the number of people allowed in at any given time. Starting on Friday, Costco implemented a policy of allowing only two people per membership inside their warehouses at a time.

Trader Joe’s is also only allowing only a certain number of total customers at a time inside their stores.

As part of their new policies to try and minimize exposure risks, Target says they will be giving their workers non-surgical face masks and gloves to wear on the job. Walmart and Kroger stores have implemented similar policies this week.


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