PLACERVILLE (CBS13) — The Vice Mayor of Placerville tested positive for coronavirus and is now recovering, according to a social media post.

In a video message posted to his Facebook page, Dennis Thomas wrote, “I had COVID-19. Because I stayed home and practiced physical distancing, I feel confident it stopped with me.”

Thomas spoke about his symptoms and the timeline of his disease in the video. He said on March 26 he left work early after developing symptoms of a head cold. Thomas said he stayed home as his symptoms worsened and he experienced headaches, major congestion, loss of taste and smell, and high fevers.

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On March 30 he was tested for coronavirus and six days later, on Sunday, his doctor informed him of the positive test result.

“I think that social distancing has made a big difference,” Thomas said. “This is real. And it sucks when you get it. I thought I did everything to prevent it, but I clearly didn’t.”

Thomas said he has been symptom-free for approximately 72 hours now.

He encouraged his community to “stay home and stay safe.”


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