by Rick Boone

AUBURN (CBS13) — Surviving this coronavirus pandemic means you can’t go to the salon to get your roots touched up.

Now an Auburn hairstylist is coming to the rescue with her social distance curbside coloring.

“Some people were in tears, they are professional women, out in the public and they don’t want to be seen with what we have — our gray roots,” Crystal Seal, owner of DMH Salon, said.

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She’s allowing clients to pull up to her salon and grab a personalized hair coloring system, complete with gloves and a brush. Seal then follows up with the client on video chat, talking them through the process step-by-step.

“I had to do-it-myself nails too, and it’s not going well, this will be much better,” client Diane Meyers said.

So far since she started the idea, there have been no slip-ups yet. She is cutting clients a break on cost since they’re doing most of the work. Seal said some of her client’s partners are helping, so it’s making the process easier.


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