By Ryan Hill

NATOMAS (CBS13) — Teresa Perea has been doing things that pretty much everyone has to do around the house; particularly cleaning. But she isn’t doing all of these chores in sweat pants, no makeup and her hair up in a bun.

Instead, she’s dressed to the nines, wearing beautiful dresses and gowns looking photoshoot ready.

“I’m also gonna walk the dogs, wash my car, watering the grass,” Perea said.

Perea told CBS13 she had big plans for 2020 and bought the dresses for different events and gigs she was scheduled to do. But the stay-at-home order put those plans on hold.

“One by one, like a domino effect. Photoshoots got canceled, rescheduled, canceled again indefinitely. The musical stage play that I’m in, both of them canceled,” Perea said.

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So the singer, actress and church leader thought she’d get the most out of the dresses she bought for these events.

“I made a joke to my husband about how I’m so sick of those dresses just waiting in the closet and I wish I could just wear them,'” Perea said. “And he says ‘You should put them on around the house,’ We laughed it off and the next day I told my daughter I think I’m just going to do it!”

And she did just that. Perea posted to her Instagram account photos of her glammed up as she cleans the pool, takes out the trash or does the laundry.

“It was kind of weird. I thought she was kind of crazy but I mean why not? Like, we’re not doing anything might as well have a little fun with it,” Tavia Perea, Teresa’s daughter, said.

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That’s exactly what Perea hopes people take away from her being ready for the lights and cameras: still find the joy you want to have during these unprecedented times.

“It’s kind of a downer especially for those of us who are a little extroverted to be home day after day kind of doing the same thing. So just mix it up and enjoy yourself,” Perea said.

Perea told CBS13 the hardest thing about doing the chores isn’t doing them in a full-length dress rather it’s doing it all in heels.


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