By Tony Lopez

MODESTO (CBS13) — An emergency food pantry is helping dozens in a Modesto neighborhood, but this pantry isn’t being run by the county or a homeless shelter. It’s one family’s mission to give back.

The wagon’s getting a workout and the shelves are once again looking full, after a call for help to re-stock a tiny, mini-mart in Modesto.

Paper towels, soup, and bottled water are free for the taking in front of Cindy Reed’s home.

“I just felt a need. There’s so many people out there who can’t afford food. I was raised pretty poorly, so I know what it’s like,” Reed said.

She didn’t know how fast the food and other items would fly off the shelves of her pandemic pantry. Reed started this chapter of her charity work a couple of weeks ago with a few books on a shelf to help people escape and quickly realized she needed to expand.

“My daughter and I were talking and I said ‘we need to do this — we really need to do this,” Reed said.

At first, friends and neighbors brought lots of donations.

“It’s kind of died down, and we’re hoping it’s going to kick back up, we have more and more people coming by now,” she said.

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Reed said it’s mostly families come by for supplies, looking for just a little extra boost.

“There’s such a need right now — there’s such a need,” she said.

So far, one of the biggest “needs” from her display has been children’s toys. “We put toys out here just the other day and they’re gone,” she said.

Reed hopes another generous wave will soon arrive to knock her off her feet so she can help others get back on theirs.

She plans to continue “as long as I can keep it open.”

If you’d like to find out more about her neighborhood pantry, you can head to her Facebook page. 


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