By Ryan Hill

OAKDALE (CBS13) — The Stanislaus River can be a calming place to listen to the river flow or cast a fishing line.

But, 15-year-old Carter and 17-year-old Wade Ramirez heard something more terrifying heading toward the riverbank at their neighbor’s house while they were doing yard work on Tuesday.

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“We heard screaming and we started running. And we saw a little boy not far from where we were,” Carter Ramirez said.

Wade and Carter told CBS13 they leaped from the riverbank into the water; swimming to rescue the 10-year-old boy floating down the river alone in his kayak, along with an empty one.

“I saw two kayaks; he had one because his brother left one and apparently he went to go get it,” Wade Ramirez said.

“We got him about right, right there where the rapids start, so not too far. We just tried to get him before the rapids to make sure nothing happened to him,” Carter Ramirez said.

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Wade said he got to the boy, who was wearing a life jacket, as he was holding on to a nearby branch. The brothers brought him and the kayaks back to shore.

The young boy’s brother was found safely onshore nearby shortly afterward.

The first thought Wade had after this rescue: “Very cold. It wasn’t cold in the river but, when I got the kid up here, it started to get cold,” Wade Ramirez said.

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This isn’t the first time the Ramirez brothers have helped someone on the Stanislaus River. Something similar happened last year.

“We were out working on the mule and we wound up hearing two people upriver who were on kayaks and they flipped. So we called 911 and everything,” Wade Ramirez said.

The brothers say they were raised that if someone is in need, you help them. Their message is people should think twice before wading or paddling out on to the Stanislaus River.

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“Now it’s up here moving almost twice as fast. It changes every hour. Just don’t do it,” Wade Ramirez said.

Wade and Carter are hailed as heroes. When asked if they feel that way, the brothers had a differing response

“Not really,” Wade said

“I sort of do because of all the likes and stuff on Instagram,” Carter said.

The Ramirez brothers say people they don’t even know have been honking and waving to them for their heroics.

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Oakdale Police said the two boys who were rescued are doing OK and are back with their family.