By Laura Haefeli

CISCO GROVE (CBS13) — It was strange spring weather traveling from Sacramento County up to the Sierra summit Monday.

Truckers driving through the Sierra Mountains on Monday said they were surprised to have to check the weather conditions in late May.

“A little bit out of the ordinary. It was a little bit of slush and snow today,” Steve MacKenzie, a 40-year highway veteran, said.

MacKenzie told CBS13 he’s seen it all on his Interstate 80 route from snowstorms to fires.

“Fire danger will be a concern later this year,” MacKenzie said.

After a couple of dry months to start off the year, Cal Fire says this wet weather was much needed. The conditions are giving Cal Fire more time to clear away dry brush before this summer’s fire season hits.

“We’ll take a little bit of a reprieve wherever we can. When we get wet trends like this in the late spring-early summer sometimes it allows that burn window to just expand a little bit,” Cal Fire Chief Brian Estes said.

Caltrans was not requiring chains Monday afternoon.


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