ARDEN (CBS13) — Multiple fights broke out outside of Arden Fair Mall Friday afternoon, hours after the mall reopened for the first time in months.

Police say the fights are just one of the reasons why officers were out patrolling the area Friday.

The first fight broke out around 5 p.m. in front of the main entrance to the mall. A group of young people gathered in a group as security officers and police worked to break up the fight.

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Two more fights broke out in the parking lot within the hour. Police officers stood by monitoring the situation Friday evening as the mall remained open.

Arden Fair Mall does have a history of fights like what took place Friday. It’s a big reason why mall officials had officers out there on Friday.

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“The fact that we have officers out here today is always just that little extra assistance that helps us create a safe environment for everyone,” Arden Fair spokesperson Nathan Spradlin said.

Officers were on the loudspeaker asking people to clear out around 6 p.m. and a helicopter flew above monitoring the situation.

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  1. XYZ says:

    And… What did you expect? Did anyone really expect anything different? Seriously, this quarantine is the best thing that eve happened, too many out of control, violent 2 legged animals walking around pretending to human, whatever that is these days. I can’t wait for martial law, it’s coming, and long overdue.

  2. cfb cfb says:

    The last three times I went out to shop in my low crime, well to do town, there were scuffles and fist fights right next to me over nothing. So I stayed home for six weeks. Yesterday I went shopping to find ~20% of people wearing masks, no social distancing, and non masked people pushing past me to grab something off a shelf I was standing in front of.

    So I’ll be sitting in for another six weeks, until people either realize this pandemic is real, it hasn’t gone away, and grow some mutual common respect for their fellow people rather than disdain and acting like a jerk.

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