By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Surveillance video inside a downtown Sacramento bridal salon shows it being ransacked by vandals and looted over the weekend.

The Miosa Bridal storefront windows were first smashed in by vandals at 8:30 p.m. Sunday night. What followed was hours of looting.

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Cameras captured people climbing through the broken windows. In some cases, pairs, or couples, entered together searching through racks of wedding dresses. Cameras show some with arm fulls of gowns.

Miosa Bridal Owner Mike Sommerfield watched the cameras live as his store was looted.

“Chaotic, scary, I mean, I was frightened myself,” Sommerfeld said. “It was pretty dramatic actually.”

Besides the drama of shattered glass and seeing his inventory plundered, Sommerfeld was amazed at how leisurely some of the looters were, taking their time inside his store.

“It seems like some of them were in there for 15 to 20 minutes,” Sommerfeld said. “You wouldn’t want to wear a dress that was stolen maybe, for your wedding?”

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Video shows one man searching through the staff room refrigerator, considering taking a bottle of champagne before putting it back. Sommerfield says it was actually sparkling apple juice.

That same man also went upstairs to put on a robe he later stole.

Cameras also show police SUVs stopping outside the store several times then driving off.

“It felt like we were alone,” Sommerfield said.

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Sommerfield says because some of the looters’ faces can be seen on camera and some left fingerprints behind, he is hoping some may be caught. He says as many as 100 dresses were stolen and he isn’t expecting to get any of them back.