By Rachel Wulff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — People are racing to gyms after the governor announced they could reopen in California on Friday.

Some were already back at it come morning at East Sac Fitness.

“My morning workout is my hour or hour and a half of solitude to get my mind right for the day,” said Omar Singh.

Singh was sweating it out before heading into work.

“For me it was my normal routine, so to get back into it brings back a sense of normalcy,” he said.

Singh drove 40 minutes to get there because his local gym has not reopened yet amidst new health and safety protocols to protect against coronavirus.

“We are actually asking people to not only wipe down their own things, but then we have staff that are on-hand that are constantly going to behind people and wiping and disinfecting and making sure evening is safe,” said owner Amber Lene.

Lene says you will have to make an appointment to work out – whether it’s free weights or classes.

“So we have a max amount per class and people have to get on a waitlist if they want to take a class. If it’s full, then they will automatically be let in if they cancel,” she said.

Treadmills are also spaced six feet apart for social distancing.

To accommodate social distancing, the gym is installing poles and an awning outside to get people more options if they want to work out.

Despite fewer people allowed in at once, Lene believes the gym can still be profitable if they are strategic.

“Eventually, we will have to cap membership, so we have already started people on a waitlist,” she said.

Stretching the fitness business model will be the new normal – until the next new normal arrives.


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