SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The California Highway Patrol will resume issuing event permits at state facilities, including the capitol.

This comes two months after the agency announced they would deny permit requests for events and activities at all state facilities due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the CHP permits website, most large gatherings are still prohibited, but there are new guidelines for protests.

They urge outdoor events to have strict physical distancing measures and said the California Department of Health ” strongly recommends that those exercising their right to engage in political expression should utilize alternative channels, such as the many online and broadcasting platforms available in the digital age, in place of in-person gatherings.”

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CHP listed the following guidelines for gatherings:

(1)  Attendance is defined as all persons, other than Capitol staff, law enforcement and emergency responders.  It is the responsibility of the permittee to monitor the total number of persons on state property during the permitted time.  Upon arrival and for the duration of the permitted gathering, the permittee is required to make an accounting of the number of attendees.

(2)  Physical distancing of six feet between persons or groups of persons from different households shall be maintained at all times.  Failure to maintain adequate physical distancing constitutes a violation of the permit and attendees are required to vacate state property.  Face coverings are strongly recommended.

(3)  Participants must maintain a physical distance of six feet from any uniformed peace officers, Capitol staff and emergency responder and any other public safety personnel present, unless otherwise directed, and follow all other requirements and directives imposed by local health officers and law enforcement, or other applicable authorities.

According to the CHP’s event calendar, the first approved events are on Saturday. Three small wedding ceremonies are planned.


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