SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A potential battle is brewing over the Cristopher Columbus statue inside the state capitol.

Earlier this month, lawmakers announced plans to remove the centerpiece of the capitol rotunda, citing Columbus and his deadly impact on America’s indigenous people.

Now eight senate republicans are saying not so fast. Senate Republican leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) and several other senators signed on to a letter urging leaders to keep the statue of Columbus in the Capitol, arguing its removal is uninformed.

“…As misguided as Columbus may have been, history cannot be re-written, nor his accomplishments diminished,” the letter said.

The statue has been a part of the building since 1883.

In a joint statement earlier this month, the legislative leaders wrote, “Christopher Columbus is a deeply polarizing historical figure given the deadly impact his arrival in this hemisphere had on indigenous populations. The continued presence of this statue in California’s Capitol, where it has been since 1883, is completely out of place today. It will be removed.”


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