by Lori Wallace

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A local toddler has become quite the sensation on the skateboard. He picked up the hobby during quarantine and the rest is history.

Brody Alexzandr is just two years old. He might just be the littlest guy you’ve seen shredding at the skate park.

“Whoosh. He calls it whoosh. All day, every day, ‘Mama I go whoosh,” mom Alexzandria Hopkins said.

An unexpected quarantine hobby for this family developed after dad Shayne Dillynger lost his job in the food industry. The hard times during the pandemic led to extra time to find a silver lining.

“Being by his side watching his progression is just absolutely amazing,” Dillynger said.

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And the progression has been quick. Brody’s parents say it’s been a “little intense” and “nervewracking.” He spends at least five hours a day on his skateboard every day.

“You’d think he would be bouncing off the walls. We were keeping our safe distance and doing this,” Dillynger said.

Who knew this fearless toddler underneath the helmet and all the pads would become his own brand so quickly.


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“Tiny Hawk, born out of quarantine really,” Dillynger said.

A name was given to him by his social media following.

“He was a hit right away,” Hopkins said.

“What an amazing tale, over the past four months we’ve created a TikTok that’s gone viral,” Dillynger said.

Hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of likes from strangers all over the world, and so much love from mom and dad.

“[I’m] so proud, I can’t believe all this is happening, so proud of my son,” Dillynger said.

Tiny Hawk is just getting started and the timing couldn’t be better.

“The world has to smile through these uncertain times. There is positive things to look forward to and we have hope,” SAID.

The next stop for Tiny Hawk is Tahoe. Mom and Dad say they can’t wait to get him on a snowboard this winter.

Comments (11)
  1. drdanmeyers says:

    Child abuse. What parent allows their TWO YEAR OLD baby who still has a partially SOFT SKULL to risk brain injury from a skateboard fall which, btw, is 100% inevitable? Narcissists, that’s who.

  2. Yuki says:

    It’s all fun and laughter, until someone gets hurt… and then it’s hilarious!

  3. Krell51 says:

    It was great! Right up to the point he came off the sidewalk and shot across the street, without looking for traffic, someone driving down the street right then would never have seen him!

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  5. Huck says:

    Great! The child can go straight. A dog could have done just as well.

  6. jayesouthworth says:

    I guess those commenting here never had a childhood where you played on the monkey bars and fell, played dodge ball and got hit with the ball, played tether ball and got hit with the ball or sprang your hand from hitting it. I guess some of you never climbed up a rope or played on a trampoline. All because you might get hurt! We never wore a seat belt, rode in the back of a truck, and learned how to swim at an early age. This is why you’re all jealous of this 2 year old, his parents are letting him be a boy instead of a soy boy or pushing him to be a tranny. Good on the parents!

  7. H says:

    There is nothing extraordinary about this at all. His hand is held when not going straight and flat and then he can alone go straight for short distances. So can a dog. What a wonder!

  8. jwalkr says:

    forcing your son into a sport for your ig hits LOL

  9. Frank says:

    Hey, that’s great. One thing, you absolutely HAVE to find wrist guards for the kid! They cover the wrist and hands so when he falls he can skid on the hard plastic and not take flesh off of his hands. He’s got helmet, knee and elbow pads, why not the wrist guards? Rollerblade or OneWheel sell them. Really, c’mon, they are essential.

  10. Yojman Chase says:

    What a cool set of events for the kid and his mum & dad !!
    BUT wow, the puny people and their whiney little minded comments above, sheesh.

  11. Skate Dad says:

    Give the poor kid a small deck with small trucks, so he can actually turn. Riding that board would be like us riidng a 5 foot long board. Seriously, they do make little boards for little kids.

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