By Heather Janssen

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A quick check of the state’s county COVID-19 watch list shows that Placer County is listed once again. The county has been on the list since Thursday, July 9. Now on Saturday, businesses and people are prepared for another round of closures.

Joe Tucey, owner of Boxing Donkey, says he expects to serve his customers more than just drinks and food this coming week – but the news of another round of closures hit this weekend.

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“Nothing shocks me anymore,” Tucey said. “I think this is the new norm – I hate to say it.”

On again, off again – that’s the norm Tucey speaks of. Ready to take his business to the patio if Placer County isn’t removed from the state’s COVID watch list. All eyes are on the data, as the state tracks whether or not they get the green light to keep businesses like bars and indoor restaurants open.

Tucey and his co-owner are still reeling from the first round of closures back in March.

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“I bartend, I cook, I clean – I do it all. We both do,” Tucey said. “We can’t afford to bring our employees back.”

On Saturday, positive cases in Placer County sat about 1,100. The county’s COVID-19 dashboard states the majority of cases are in the younger population, between the ages of 18-49.

Boxing Donkey customer Raymond Lara says he’s aware of what’s personally at risk, as he enjoyed a Saturday drink. He said he’s understanding of possible closures to come, though.

“You have to pick what’s more important, I guess,” Lara said. “It’s on my mind but I’m not one of those guys who’s not going to go out or interact.”

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As for when businesses would have to close their doors, CBS13 reached out to Placer County – but still don’t have an exact date. If things don’t get any better, Tucey said he expects to hear the news come out on Monday.

Heather Janssen