By Rachel Wulff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Crews worked through the night to repair a water main that ruptured during rush hour Monday.

Several crews from Caltrans, SMUD and the Sacramento City Department of Utilities worked along Franklin Blvd. while neighbors watched Tuesday morning.

Christina Argos was trying to get home from work Monday when her mom called her about the water main break.

“We are back here towards the detour so there was like traffic all night,” said Argos. “When I was leaving work my mom sent me a text saying don’t take the freeway it will be backed up.”

Argos says it took her three times as long to get home. The leaking water main sent a tidal wave of water across southbound Highway 99.

The CVS on Franklin and Carolina’s Mexican Food closed because of the chaos. The leak was capped so there was no physical damage, just financial. Eddie Tibbetts, the owner of Caolina’s, said his business, which is open 24 hours a day, had to close down.

“It hurt us financially because we serve Sacramento police, Sutter hospital, and the community all around here,” Tibbetts said.

Customers were trying to go through the drive-thru as crews worked into the morning Tuesday. They took out sections of the road and broken pipe, backfilling it with dirt to make way for new asphalt.

The area was cordoned off as work progressed. Mary Robles and her friend ran into the roadblock during their morning walk.

“He explained what was going on and they moved the cone-it was so helpful of them,” said Robles.

Neighbors glad to see the repairs made and a return to normal.


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