By Marlee Ginter

WOODLAND (CBS13) – A convicted killer has been set free as the state tries to reduce the spread of COVID-19 behind bars, and now the family of the victim is furious.

Convicted murderer, Terebea Williams, was sentenced to 84 years-to-life in prison but served less than a quarter of that sentence.

Williams, 44, was convicted in 2001 of first-degree murder, use of a firearm, carjacking, and kidnapping in the death of 23-year-old Kevin “John” Ruska Jr. Confused and angry, Ruska’s sister Dena Love is now wanting justice all over again for her little brother.

“I can’t understand why this is happening at all… I always felt responsible for him, I’m the older sister,” said Love.

Kevin “John” Ruska was killed by Williams and the family says they still don’t know why.

Williams held Ruska at gunpoint in February of 1998, putting him in the trunk of his car until she shot him in the abdomen and then continued to drive 750 miles from Washinton State to Davis. She then tied him to a chair in a motel, leaving one of his legs free so he could stomp for help but by the time he was found, he was dead.

“And for this to come down, for her to walk, I don’t even know why, to this day, why my son is dead,” said his father, Kevin Ruska, Sr.

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His family has lived with that question for more than two decades and they are now faced with another question: why is his killer able to walk free? The

Terebea Williams was serving time in prison when she was released over COVID-19 concerns. (credit: Yolo County DA’s Office)

CDCR did not offer them an explanation for the early release and no opportunity for them to fight it either. A spokesperson sent CBS13 this link in response to our request for an explanation to the release, explaining the department’s goal to maximize space in prison in an effort to manage the spread of COVID-19.

“It’s appalling to me everything that’s been allowed to happen. I don’t think for one second she’s going to walk out there a changed person, she’s not,” said Ruska’s cousin, Karri Phillips.

“It makes me so sad and angry that he hasn’t been here with us all this time,” said Love.

The California District Attorney’s office met with CDCR Secretary Ralph Diaz Wednesday. The Yolo County District Attorney’s Office told CBS13 prosecutors are “hopeful that there will be a more balanced approach to inmate releases that addresses the needs to mitigate the spread of COVID.”

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The California District Attorney’s Office met with the corrections secretary today and they’re hoping for a better approach to releasing inmates from now on.

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  1. June Morris says:

    And this is yet another reason why I refuse to visit California, even though my kids live there. The state is run by insane idiots.

  2. Vlad says:

    I know why. Looks to me like she might have a tinge of color. Soon, no law enforcement, no jails, no prisons. Yeah… an anarchist free-for-all.

  3. RyanInLA says:

    I don’t understand this. If (and that’s a big “if”) the government needs to protect inmates from this virus, why not temporarily move them to some form of home confinement? But to completely overturn the punishment without a court hearing is a terrible injustice. Even without a pandemic, prisoners face all sorts of dangers on a daily basis. Do you therefore release all prisoners? Is the State of California concerned about the liability issue of a few prison COVID deaths at the expense of the population’s safety, the criminal justice system, and the victim’s families? The Governors need to be held accountable.

  4. Brian says:

    This is a low risk person!!!! You’ve let this convicted murderer out into public. Well that makes us feel safe. Our Gov doesn’t seem to care about Dena Love. Maybe other types of Justice will prevail. One can only hope.

  5. Roberto Rodrigez says:

    Just another example of the humpty dumpty world exemplified by California liberal governance. The best that can be hoped for is a massive fault line to break away this state into the Pacific.

  6. Auburn Guy says:

    Decisions like this are made by the current crop of leaders who were educated in the 60’s – 80’s by American hating Marxist teachers and professors. This was predictable and will continue unabated.
    The citizens will simply have to find a way to protect themselves, and in some cases take justice into their own hands if the government continues to release dangerous murders, rapists and pedophiles into the community.

  7. Ken Sears says:

    CAPTURE this murdering creature and put her BACK in prison. She must rot and die in prison.

  8. Mark Webb says:

    This buttwipe will reoffend…..

  9. Ron Sanders says:

    If like this travesty, want more and more convicted, violent felons released to your neighborhood and want to see it happen with increasing frequency vote Democrat in November. You’ll get your wish.

  10. Michael C. says:

    The sheer stupidity of this action is one of the reasons I wouldn’t even consider moving back to CA! I wouldn’t blame people if they started vigilante groups to take care of this problem! The way they keep taking away peoples rights in that state though the only ones with a gun will be the crooks. #ProtectThe2nd

  11. Fred Stevens says:

    Anyone know where she is living?

  12. Diana Willis says:

    what in the world? you say masks work but are NOT using masks to keep dangerous prisoners IN PRISON . THIS IS BAD MATH.

  13. CK says:

    Perfect opportunity to whack her…

  14. Sacto says:

    Why be concerned about convicts contracting COVID? We are better off with them in jail and let nature takes it’s course.

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