By Adrienne Moore

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A familiar face out of Stockton celebrated a major milestone Friday. Major Bill White, the oldest living Marine, turned 105. 

Not even a pandemic could squash the drive-by salute to centenarian Major Bill While.

“Feels just as good as it did at 104,” White said Friday. 

Major’s Bill’s positive spirit is just one of the many reasons there was so much love and fanfare outside his Stockton Assisted Living Facility.

“He was in Shanghai before WWII and the Japanese invasion and all that, Iwo Jima got hit. Blown up with a grenade. Recovered from that. Spent a total of 30 years in the Marine Corps. Just an amazing guy,” Tony Walker, communications director for The Oaks at Inglewood, said. 

For his family members who have not been able to visit much because of coronavirus, this celebration was nothing short of remarkable.

It’s very heartwarming and very and it just — it does get to you that there are so many people that love him and appreciate him for his service,” Bill’s daughter Mary Huston said. 

We first met Major Bill back in February when he stole hearts asking for a few Valentine’s Day greetings. In what eventually became known as “Operation Valentine’s Day,” he brought in more than half-a-million cards and gifts from around the world, including a special note from NASA and President Trump.

At the drive-by festivities, Major Bill embraced this birthday milestone and is already looking forward to the next big celebration.

“Right now I’m trying for 106,” he said.  “One at a time.”

When we asked him for the secret to his longevity, Major Bill said he keeps his mind sharp by reading.

Adrienne Moore

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  1. Hal Morse says:

    Semper Fi Marine…….You are proof that Marines who live by the Code, Live well and long.
    God Bless you Sir.

    1. Donald Margaron says:

      In 1944 in Casual battalion, Camp Pendleton,. we had a 1st, Lt. who had been grounded for flying under either a bridge or railroad trestle. Most of us were transferred from there to the 5th division which made the Iwo invasion. Have to wonder if this is the same fly-boy. anyway M
      ajor, Happy Birthday and Semper Fi.

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