By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento County officials announced that Discovery Park will be closed on Monday – a decision they said was made in the name of public health after learning of a large unpermitted event honoring Stephon Clark planned for the park.

CBS13 has learned that event was the second annual I Am Sac celebration, with family and friends honoring the life of Clark, who was killed by Sacramento police in 2018.

Clark’s brother, Stevante Clark, spoke out about the closure to CBS13 on Sunday.

“There’s a way of handling things but the way they are doing things is just completely disrespectful,” he said.

Stevante Clark said his plan this year during the pandemic was hosting boat rides – socially distanced for children at the park from noon to 6 in the evening.

“We were going to have facemasks, social distancing, I have life vests provided for everybody, food brought out to people as they wait in their cars waiting the bring thermos kids on,” he said.

Stevante Clark said the family heard through news reports the county closed the park Monday to prevent the event.

California’s state guidelines for the coronavirus pandemic prohibit social gatherings all across the state. Stevante Clark said he believes the I Am Sac event was singled out. 

“That place looks like Las Vegas and Miami Beach. That place is crazy with people,” he said. “There is no one respecting face masks and social distancing at Discovery Park.”

Clark told CBS13 the event is not canceled and has been moved to Cesar Chavez Park.

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  1. Mike from Sac says:

    “… second annual I Am Sac celebration, with family and friends honoring the life of Clark, who was killed by Sacramento police in 2018.”

    According to the Los Angeles Times, police received a call that a six-foot-one man wearing a black hoodie and dark pants was breaking into vehicles, breaking car windows and was hiding in a backyard, according to the Sacramento Police Department.

    The LA Times reports that officers gave ex-convict Stephon Clark commands to stop and show his hands, but he immediately fled. They chased him to the backyard, where authorities say he turned and advanced toward the officers “while holding an object which was extended in front of him.”

    “The officers believed the suspect was pointing a firearm at them. Fearing for their safety, the officers fired their duty weapons striking the suspect multiple times.” One of the officers is black, so it’s not racially motivated. Clark had been released from county jail about a month before his death.

  2. Carneros says:

    I can’t wait for the riot at Cesar Chavez tonight. Possibly a shooting too??

  3. dissa716 says:

    So this has nothing to do with a water waste line that broke and is now leaking into the river. Its just a way to cover it up. Another news station broke the news last week.

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