SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento city leaders will discuss potentially pulling money from the budgets of the city’s police and fire departments.

Next Tuesday, city leaders will talk about a proposal to move $15 million dollars in funding, some of which goes to both the Sacramento Police Department and the Sacramento Fire Department.

The city has already agreed to overhaul its 911 system, sending some non-criminal calls away from the police.

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  1. Alan Pietruszewski says:

    Yea but ALL protests are fine, no spread from that, freaking left wing lamestream medai, yea keep listening sheep.

  2. Kent Krizman says:

    Defund Mayor Steinberg’s pension.

  3. William G says:

    My god is there anything more weak and cowardly than a democratic “leader” these days? All these disgusting leftists and corporations bowing down to a group of mentally ill fools screaming that the police are the problem when every single crime stat shows that to be 100% false. And these same morons ignoring that black men commit over 50% of all violent crimes despite being only 6% of the population. But NO you cant say that or else you are a racist! What BS!

    Black lives supposedly matter but they sure do not seem to care about the tens of thousands of blacks shot every year in every major city in this country. They selectively only care about the 9 killed by the police last year which in EVERY case was a black man who had committed a crime which caused someone to call the police on that person, and then that criminal fought with the police! How about this? Try NOT committing a crime to begin with! And if you do then DO NOT fight with the cops! Comply and you live to see the next day! Is that so hard? But no, now every single black man who is stopped by the cops is a victim somehow! No black man can ever be guilty again I guess!

    Leftism is a mental illness and the results of that is what you are now seeing in our streets. The left ruins everything it touches.

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