By Steve Large

BERRY CREEK (CBS13) — The small community of Berry Creek is now wiped out by a wildfire, in an eerie scene that’s become all too common in California.

Devastation in Berry Creek

This wildfire has also turned deadly. The Butte County Sheriff’s Office announcing three bodies have been discovered. None have been identified. There are also a dozen missing people.

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Jessica Williams reported her 16-year-old son missing. She spoke to CBS13 from Indiana, where she is working to locate her son Josiah Williams.

“He’s smart, he’s a good kid, he’s athletic,” Williams said.

Josiah was last seen in Berry Creek. His car was found unscathed and a search of hospitals has turned up nothing. Jessica is praying it’s a miscommunication.

“I can’t get a hold of him, nobody can find him,” she said.

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First responders used a Berry Creek fire station as a triage for dozens of people fleeing the wildfire — several suffering burns as they made their escape.

“I would say most of them were running for their lives,” Cal Fire Captain Specialist Matthew Palade said. “You know, some of the people we encountered last night, they were sleeping. We woke people up.”

Families of the missing are now holding onto hope for a miracle.

“Josiah, I love you please call me. Let mom know where you’re at,” Jessica Williams said.

As of Thursday morning, Josiah’s mother says he remains missing. She is currently booking a flight to come to California as soon as possible.

  1. Ruth C. Still says:

    This is absolutely heart breaking. Praying for all in the path of these fires. Praying God will send the rains needed to quickly put out all the fires. In Jesus Name, Amen

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