By Richie Ramos

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A West Sacramento man arrested five times within the span of a month and released on a zero bail order is facing an attempted murder charge, the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office said.

Denis Bugreyev, 25, was taken into custody on Tuesday and faces additional charges of battery causing serious bodily injury and a weapons enhancement for his use of a knife, authorities said.

The DA said Bugreyev, before the string of five arrests, was placed on felony probation on August 18 following an assault conviction.

On Aug. 25, exactly one week after being placed on probation, Bugreyev was taken into custody for felony possession of a concealed dirk or dagger and giving a fake name to a police officer, authorities said. Due to the emergency zero bail order that was put into place amid the coronavirus pandemic, Bugreyev was released the next day.

On Aug. 27, Bugreyev was arrested again for being drunk in public and again released, this time with a notice to appear in court, according to the district attorney.

Bugreyev was again arrested one day later on Aug. 28 for violating his court order and released the same day with another notice to appear.

Authorities said Bugreyev violated the second court order and was again arrested and released on September 1.

Bugreyev was arraigned on multiple complaints on Sept. 17 following his arrest for suspected attempted murder.

The Da said said the first complaint regarded the attempted murder charge and additional charges. The second complaint accused Bugreyev of stalking a victim between August 19 and September 13, as well as six counts of violating a court order. The third complaint regarded the Aug. 25 arrest.


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