By Cameron Glenn

ANTELOPE (CBS13) – Two teens died early Tuesday morning in Antelope when the car they were in crashed into some trees along the roadway.

The driver has been identified as Bradley Johnson, 18, from Antelope, the CHP says. They have not released the name of the other 18-year-old who was killed.

The crash happened just before 1 a.m. along westbound Elverta Road in the area of Northam Drive just west of Watt Avenue, a CHP spokesperson says. They say the car, an early 2000s Pontiac Grand Am, was traveling at a high rate of speed when Johnson lost control of the vehicle, which left road and slammed into a tree on the north side of the road. The force of the crash spun the car around, causing it to hit another tree before breaking into three pieces and ejecting Bradley and the passenger.

Both teens were pronounced dead at the scene.

CHP says speed was a major factor in the crash, and, based on witness statements, alcohol is also a contributing factor.

Elverta Rd. was shut down between Northam Dr. and Driver Way for several hours for the collision investigation and for Sacramento County roads to clean up the scene.

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  1. Bonnie Drouillard says:

    The accident happened East of Watt, not West as stated in article.

  2. XYZ says:

    I’d re-write the article . “In yet another example of “Teens and young men gone street racing wild”, within days, two more reckless drivers killed themselves when they lost control of their vehicle and hit trees. So sorry for the trees, but glad no INNOCENT PEOPLE were maimed or killed.” Isn’t it time, people were HELD RESPONSIBLE for their own criminal recklesness, and no hypocricy about it? Too many lawless people, MSM – you wanna talk “woke”.

    1. ABC says:

      I can guarantee those who lost these 2 boys would not appreciate your comment. Your opinion isn’t needed at this time. These boys just graduated and their families are heavily grieving. Take that elsewhere.

  3. CHS2021 says:

    I agree that your comment is very rude and disrespectful. Bradley Johnson and Christian Buck were not planning to crash their car into these trees. I agree that they shouldn’t have been drinking because they were only 18 and graduated from my school last year. They were just two innocent people just trying to go home from a late night. Two innocent teen’s lives were lost Tuesday morning. Rest in Power Bradley and Christian.

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