By Elisabeth Smith

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY (CBS13) — A San Joaquin County man is headed to jail for EDD fraud.

Prosecutors say Charles Carlson and Brandi Meyer stole the identities of 13 people and pilfered $68,000 in fraudulent EDD benefits.

Both pled guilty to EDD fraud, felony drug possession, and other charges. Carlson was sentenced to three years in jail and Meyer has not been sentenced.

Recent data uncovered by CBS13 shows just how widespread unemployment fraud may be in California. It includes more than 30,000 addresses that appear to have been used to apply for EDD benefits for 10 or more different people.

The agency says crooks are stealing ID’s through data breaches then applying for unemployment using their names and social security numbers

  1. phil rogers says:

    Chuck and Brandi DO appear to be very unemployed…so they got that going for them.

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