By Elisabeth Smith

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Some Sacramento County leaders are in quarantine after a person who attended a meeting of department heads tested positive for coronavirus.

The six-hour meeting took place last Thursday. The Sacramento Bee reported that many in attendance did not wear masks, against county health rules.

In a statement to CBS13, the county says it “held a planned meeting in a large conference room” and “there was appropriate social distancing.” The county also said a majority of all meeting participants came into the meeting wearing face coverings, but some took them off once they were seated.

The county confirmed that one person at the meeting was diagnosed with COVID-19 the night of the meeting. They did not say how many people were told to quarantine.

  1. NoHoaxes says:

    Tested…………lol That is a red herring. A positive PCR test is 50% accurate and cannot tell the difference between a common cold virus (corona) or flu. This is the biggest psy-op in the world, and cannot stand up to court investigation. No court has looked at the test as of yet and when they do it will be gae over for this hoax.

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