By Cecilio Padilla

LINCOLN (CBS13) — Officers have recovered some of the items stolen from a Lincoln summer league baseball team back in September – including the squad’s missing mascot costume.

Lincoln police say, at some point between Sept. 11 and 14, someone cut the locks on the fence of McBean Park and then cut the lock on a storage area. Several items were stolen, including the costume for the Lincoln Potters mascot Piper.

On Sunday, police say they got a tip about where some of the stolen items ended up.

Officers soon recovered some of the items stolen during the September burglary, including the mascot costume.

The man who was allegedly in possession of the stolen items was identified as 19-year-old Lincoln resident Joseph Haddox. Police say, several hours after they recovered the items, they tried to pull Haddox over but he instead ran into a field. Haddox was eventually taken into custody, however.

Haddox is now facing charges of possession of stolen property, driving under the influence of drugs and resisting arrest.

  1. phil rogers says:

    It took about ten seconds of looking at the picture before I realized which one was the mascot and which was the suspect. And I’m still not sure.

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