SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The CHP is warning drivers about a scam that happens all too often in the Sacramento area. Aside from being a threat to your wallet, it’s also a threat to your life.

Officers are warning of what’s called “freeway pawn.” It’s described like this: The driver of a vehicle, usually a rental SUV or van with an out-of-state license plate, pulls over to the shoulder of the freeway or a busy road and pretends that his vehicle is disabled. The driver then waves frantically to get people to pull over to help them. After the Good Samaritan pulls over, the driver claims to be broke and pulls out out jewelry and tries to sell it to the Good Samaritan.

The CHP is asking people not to stop when they see these scams happening and to call 9-1-1. Provide dispatchers with the make and model of the vehicle.

The pricey-looking fake jewelry is offered at a deep discount to what it would actually fetch if it was real. There are countless reports on social media of this kind of thing happening to unsuspecting helpers.


  1. XYZ says:

    I had that happen, it was a Middle Eastern well dressed couple with 2 scared looking kids in the high end vehicle. He offered me a Rolex watch for cash for gas…I said, if this is really a bad situation y’all are in, take my $xx, but I don’t want the watch. If this is a scam, take the money anyway, and think about what your kids will grow up knowing about their father. Good luck.

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