By Ryan Hill

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – There are certain types of masks you expect to see on Halloween and during the pandemic, you’d expect to see people wearing protective face masks.

But, CBS13 cameras saw plenty of people at local bars crammed in lines, entering bars without protective facemasks and not exactly social distancing during the late hours of Halloween night.

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“It’s a little concerning to me,” said Rajat Chakravarty, who was in Midtown on Sunday.  

After showing some of our footage to people in midtown, the take is that it’s not something they’d like to see happening.

“Unfortunately, I’m not surprised, but it is unfortunate to see. Easily preventable, all you have to do is wear a mask,” said AJ Mateo.

“I can imagine that people are still going out acting like it didn’t happen just for one night thinking that it won’t affect anyone else but obviously it does,” Chona Yadao, who was with Mateo on Sunday, said. “And, it’ll probably show in the next couple weeks.”

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The California Department of Public Health issued warnings about what people should be doing on All Hallow’s Eve if they were going to gather on October 31.

Things like wearing protective face masks, cutting down on mixing between households and social distancing were on that list.

“We have seen in previous holidays as well; not just during Halloween. During Memorial Day for instance, the sense of social responsibility, you know, people aren’t taking as much social responsibility,” said Torsa Ghosal, who was with friends in Midtown Sacramento on Sunday night.

“Like I wouldn’t be surprised to see the numbers are going up again because of this, frankly. I hope not but, yeah, concerned about it,” said Evren Eryilmaz, who was a part of Ghosal’s group.

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CBS13 did reach out to the Sacramento County Public Health Department to get their take on this Saturday night’s situation. But, we haven’t heard back from them at this time.