SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Recount California rally is planned for Saturday afternoon at the California State Capitol building in Sacramento.

The event is hosted by Freedom Angels 2.0, which is calling upon attendees to bring recall petitions to the rally, and is scheduled to run from noon to 2 p.m.

As of Friday night, the 2020 presidential election remained too close to call. In the race to 270 electoral votes, CBS News had Democratic party candidate Joe Biden at 254 and President Donald Trump at 213 on Friday.

The latter half of the week saw Trump falsely claim victory in the race and accused Biden, as well as critics and media, of stealing the election from him.

Freedom Angels 2.0 said it will have county booths at the rally to meet with local activists.

Comments (5)
  1. Teresa M Hall says:

    Thank God for the Freedom Angels 2.0… finally someone standing up to the fake news narrative! Stop the Steal!

  2. Maria Mendoza says:

    Haha “Trump falsely claim victory” that’s EXACTLY what Biden is doing now and all of the lying, Chinese backed Main Stream Media is pushing that lie. We will not be silenced! The coastal elites and easily-swayed can gloat but the true people who love this country will take a stand.

  3. Topkeke Lolers says:

    Need those facts to back up any claim of “chinese backed” media. Sweaty. And second of all, coastal elites? you’re hypocritical about supporting an elite rich family of Trump as a brand, and yet I doubt you’re consciousness enough to understand the way things are suppose to work here. Get back to school, learn Poli-Sci and IR.

    1. Nguyen says:

      It’s spelled “sweetie” not “sweaty.” Learn how to spell and use proper capitalization if you want to sound smart.

  4. Steve Hatzias says:

    A Re-count would be the more honest action to take, given that voters do not have to show a valid form of ID when voting in our state. Our system in California is a corrupt one and should be changed. No faith in our voting numbers regardless your party.

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