By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento City Hall is battling back against blight by attempting to ban some businesses from a busy corridor.

The city wants to crack down on two sections of Folsom Boulevard near the College-Glen neighborhood in East Sacramento. People who live there say the move is long overdue.

It’s a call for change that rings loud and clear across the railroad tracks on Folsom Boulevard, where Annette Deglow bought her home more than 50 years ago.

“Ever since light rail came in, we’ve had a problem getting the kind of businesses we’d like to come in,” she said.

Now, Deglow is leading the College-Glen Neighborhood Association battle against blight on the boulevard.

She’s backing a city ordinance to ban massage parlors, check cashing centers, pot shops and smoke shops from opening up on this corridor.

“You keep filling this place with smoke shops, with massage parlors and check cashing, we’re not going to get any respectable businesses here,” she said.

The proposed special planning district comes a year after Sacramento police made a Raley’s supermarket a permanent police post. The so-called police stop over is Sacramento’s first-ever police stop over inside a grocery store to help address safety concerns while creating a safe place to live and to work.

“We have a lot of neighbors that don’t want to go shopping in the evening after the dark hours,” Deglow said.

Now, people who live near Folsom Boulevard could get some new tools to address their trouble.

The Folsom Boulevard special district goes before the city council for a vote on Tuesday.   

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  1. TheTroof says:

    They are delusional. Now there wont be any businesses there. Mark my word, with the nature of small business devastation during the covid hoax there wont be any businesses to locate there, except big corporate vendors. Goodbye mom and pop, goodbye small business, hello poverty, blight and lockdowns, for your own good of course. Enjoy your future dystopian madness brought to you by covid hoaxing bureaucrats, doctors, experts and the global elite…what suckers.

    1. Karen's Mouth says:

      Put on a mask and cover your mouth!!!! We should close all of society down. No schools, stores, hugs, kisses, handshakes, smiles, no nothing. We have a right to be scared, to be a victim and to protect the world from covid, our new devil. The old devil was not scary enough and now we have covid, without a turban, to terrorize the population into submission and it’s our right to believe it, to submit and to obey, we love it. Put on your mask and cover your mouth!!!

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