By Ryan Hill

OAKDALE (CBS13) – A 62-year-old Oakdale woman was taken to the hospital after she was mauled by a group of dogs Monday, the sheriff’s office said.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office says the incident happened on Mesa Drive. A group of German Shepherd dogs reportedly attacked the woman.

“I was getting ready to take my garbage can up and I seen a guy over here,” David Turner, who lives near where the attack happened on Mesa Road, said. “But he was jumping up and down screaming at the dogs.”

Turner says what he heard and saw was unbelievable.

“Like something you’d see on TV,” Turner said.

As Turner walked down his driveway, he saw the man, who he learned was the husband of the woman who had just been attacked, trying to save his wife.

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“From what I understand when the guy opened his gate to put his car in, [the dogs] got out and the lady was across the street there and they attacked her,” Turner said. “So I run over there and help get them away until the sheriff’s and the ambulance arrived.”

Turner and other neighbors told CBS13 that the dogs lived at the house across the road from Turner.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office said the 62-year-old woman suffered significant bite injuries to her arm and leg in the attack by the three dogs and was taken to the hospital.

A spokesperson with Stanislaus County told CBS13 that all three male German Shepherds were neutered, licensed and vaccinated for rabies.

“She was chewed pretty good. There was a lot of blood,” Turner said.

These dogs have a reputation in this quiet rural area.

“Every time my stepson goes out to take the garbage out or go get the mail, they bark and they run and jump at the gate and everything else,” Dean Johnson, Turner’s next-door neighbor, said.

“They come out barking and, you know, carrying on like they wanted to bite you,” Turner said.

The sheriff’s office said the dogs are under a 10-day quarantine at animal control.

A frightening situation all happening in the blink of an eye.

“If it had been one of mine, I would have done more than call the dog pound,” Turner said.

The woman’s family declined to comment on this situation, adding they’re focused on her recovery.

CBS13 also called and left a message for the owner of the home where neighbors say the dogs lived, we didn’t get a call back.

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