By Renée Santos

CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — A false report about someone getting shot led to the discovery of 100 weapons, thousands of rounds of ammunition and fake explosives in a Carmichael home Thursday.

“I couldn’t believe it, this is horrid, I can’t even imagine,” a neighbor said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office spent hours removing the weapons and what appeared to be 3 sticks of dynamite, now determined to be fake. There were enough weapons to cover the suspect’s driveway.

Deputies showed up at a home off of the 1400 block of Mission Avenue around 2 a.m. after 38-year-old Bradley Bodai called the sheriff’s office claiming he had shot someone inside his home.

According to investigators, Bodai stated workers were inside his home, eating his food and he shot one of them.

Deputies quickly realized that no one had been shot but they did find an arsenal of weapons and believe Bodai was suffering a mental crisis. He is currently on a 51-50 hold and undergoing a mental health evaluation, the sheriff’s office said.

Dennis Litwin says he often stopped to chat with Bodai while walking through the neighborhood. He’s now in shock.

“Regular family guy, you know, I used to see him walking in the neighborhood, I think with his dad,” Litwin said.

According to court records, Bodai faced charges of DUI in 2002 that were dismissed. In 2005, he faced a hit-and-run felony and did probation for speeding.

For this incident, Bodai faces at least one felony charge, but the sheriff’s office said more charges are likely.

Homes nearby at one point were forced to evacuate, and out of an abundance of caution, Jesuit Sacramento sheltered in place. No one was hurt in the investigation.