(CBS Denver) – New questions are being raised about whether or not people who have had COVID-19 need two doses of the coronavirus vaccines. CBS Denver Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida addressed it during his weekly question & answer session on CBSN Denver.

People arrive for COVID-19 vaccinations at a drive-thru setup at Coors Field on January 30, 2021, in Denver.

People arrive for COVID-19 vaccinations at a drive-thru setup at Coors Field on Jan. 30. (credit:CHET STRANGE/AFP via Getty Images)

“At this point the advice remains the same,” he said, referring to the vaccines which require two doses. “It’s going to be two vaccinations even if you have had COVID in the past. We just don’t know how strong and how long your immune response is from illness.”

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Hnida did point to new research released in the past two weeks with a number of studies focused on the immune response to the vaccine in people who have already had COVID.

“It turns out, simply one single vaccine does wind up increasing the antibodies against COVID over a thousandfold. Not only is the antibody response large, it appears to generate a very strong and robust response in terms of being to able to fight off the things such as the mutated strains or variants.”

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“This is almost like you’re getting a ‘Terminator’-type of antibody response, which is really good.”


(credit: Martin Rauscher/SEPA.Media /Getty Images)

Hnida said this shows the vaccine is not only safe but effective and important, even if you’ve already had COVID.

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He explained the questions about a second dose all revolve around having enough vaccine to go around, but for now, the recommendation will remain at two doses.