By Laura Haefeli

GRANITE BAY (CBS13) — A Granite Bay mansion caught fire Wednesday afternoon, destroying the roof and leaving one family without a home.

Scott Miller lives across the street from the 3,500-square-foot home on Shelborne Drive.

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“Your eyes don’t believe what you’re seeing,” Miller said. “The whole roof was engulfed. Massive flames. It was heartbreaking. Really sad.”

South Placer Fire District spokesperson Jason Brooks says no one was inside when more than 30 firefighters and at least three departments moved in on the mansion.

“It’s a big house,” Brooks said. He said the size of the structure made it a tough fight for crews.

“It’s an area with big houses, a single lane road right where the house is, that adds to the complexity of getting more engines in here,” Brooks said.

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He said the home’s wooden roof made it easy for the fire to spread fast.

“It’s basically little pieces of dry shingle wood, and it’s very dry, and they ignite very easily,” Brooks said.

Lisa Smith also lives in the Shelborne community.

“I heard all the fire trucks coming,” Smith said. “I rushed my kids got their shoes on. I didn’t know what else to do. I told them to just run outside.”

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Brooks says there were no injuries to civilians or firefighters. Investigators will be conducting interviews to figure out what caused it and to make sure there’s no criminality involved.