By CBS13 Staff

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A man is not only suspected of trying to start a fire at a Stockton-area market, authorities say he also allegedly swung an improvised weapon at a deputy.

The chaotic incident happened late Thursday afternoon along the 2200 block of B Street in Stockton.

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The improvised weapon deputies say the suspect swung at them. (Credit: San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office)

According to the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a market in that area after a man was reportedly trying to light a fire. The suspect had lit a box on fire near a propane tank, deputies soon discovered.

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Deputies approached the suspect, but he tried to run. One deputy chased after him – and it was at this point that the suspect allegedly pulled out a weapon made out of a leash and weighted wheel. The suspect then started swinging it over his head and then tried to hit the deputy with it, the sheriff’s office says.

The suspect – identified as 46-year-old Cesar Guzman – eventually started running in and out of traffic, prompting the deputy to fire a stun gun at him. Deputies say the suspect kept fighting them for several minutes after he was stunned, but he was eventually taken into custody.

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Guzman has since been booked into San Joaquin County Jail after being medically evaluated at a hospital. He’s facing charges of attempted arson, resisting arrest by force, and assault with a deadly weapon.